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Esthetician Salary

The esthetician salary is expected to increase as the demand for skin care and cosmetic services increase. This has made it one of the most lucrative careers in the medical field. Estheticians are involved in offering skin care and cosmetic services. Their demand is expected to increase as people are becoming more obsessed with their looks. For anyone planning to pursue a career in this field, it is important to understand what the job entails.

How To Become An Esthetician:

To become an esthetician one must join cosmetology training where he or she will be awarded certification. Most school requires one to have a high school diploma to become eligible for enrollment. There are a number of vocational training colleges as well as public schools offering aesthetic programs. Training can last anywhere between 9 months and 2 years whereby one learns the art of beauty including make up tips and skin treatment. In addition to training, you need to go for field training, pass the final exam and get a license to practice as an aesthetician.

Job Description:

An aesthetician performs several jobs use of specialized equipments such as UV light and Microdermabrasion therapies. Some of the jobs they perform include facial massages, applying chemical peels, advising clients about cosmetic products among other duties. These professionals can work in spas, resorts, salons, hospitals and skin care clinics.

Esthetician Salary Range:

Like most professionals, an individual with years of experience will earn more than one who is just starting. Ideally, the esthetician salary at the starting level can range between $24,000 and $38,000 depending on the type of employer. The salary is bound to increase as one gain more experience with those with more than 20 years earning up to $400,000 on average.

Professionals working in the city tend to earn more than those working in a rural setting. This is because the demand for aestheticians is the city is higher as compared to their demand in the rural setting. For instance, New York and California are the two states in the US where aesthetician are believed to earn more. If a person wants to earn more he may want to consider relocating to the metropolitan.

Another factor that can affect aesthetician salary is the level of education. The starting salary is usually $22,000 if you have trained in an accredited program. Those who want to earn more are advised to go for a bachelor’s degree in cosmetology and if possible, pursue a master’s degree.

Work setting can also affect the remuneration of an aesthetician with those working in private settings earning more than those working in public hospitals. It is for this reason that most professionals prefer to establish their private settings once they have gained some experience.

Working as an aesthetician offers a great opportunity to progress in the skin care industry. As one gain more experience, he can take greater roles in spas, clinics and resorts. Joining an accredited program gives you an opportunity to increase your chances of getting a good job and earn more. These guidelines regarding aesthetician salary range can help you if you are interested in joining this lucrative field.