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Occupational Therapist Job Description

Occupational therapy works to help patients restore or maintain independent and productive lives. An occupational therapist works with people suffering from mentally, physically, developmentally or emotionally disabling conditions through the utilization of various treatments to develop, recover, or maintain activities and daily life. Occupational therapy implements a process that is based on tailoring treatment to the individual and identifying capabilities and needs. Various treatment methods are put in place before more analysis is required and applied. Treatment is adjusted throughout the process in order to optimize results. An occupational therapist job description includes working directly with disabled clients to improve mental, physical and emotional life and analyzing their progress as the therapy proceeds.

Occupational therapy works to counsel mental patients and provide care to restore independence and satisfaction when possible for daily life. The first step with mentally disabled or patients seeking improvement in their mental health is an evaluation of their state. An occupational therapist job description includes the ability to evaluate and re-evaluate a client’s mental health. Once evaluated, occupational therapists seek to improve the functional capacity of a client in order to restore independence to daily life. They work to help keep a schedule, manage medication, money, and time, educate, and help push a client toward productive activities. The therapy works with children and adults on a variety of levels for mental health. The treatment is typically associated with children and adults in acute mental health wards, adult and senior rehabilitation wards, prison, psychiatric intensive care units, patients suffering from eating disorders, learning disabilities, and any other mental health problems. The number of activities and degree of treatment depends on the initial evaluation and mental capabilities of the client. Occupational therapists also work with physical disabilities and developmental problems in similar ways.

Common approaches associated with occupational therapy are vast and cover multiple fields of psychology, sociology, and anthropology. As such, an occupational therapist must be able to work across various disciplines with a wide degree of patients. An occupational therapist job description includes an ability to adapt treatment to the individual client, apply the therapy, and dictate the process of recovery or improvement. Treatments are based on the abilities and advancement of the individual. An occupational therapist must be a teacher that provides the clients of new ways to think about tasks. The therapist must also be able to recognize when tasks are out of the reach of a certain individual and tailor treatment accordingly by breaking down each task into something achievable. Comprehensive evaluations will dictate the process of a client but only because of how an occupational therapist is able to recognize the best course of action accordingly. Equipment can be used to make tasks more manageable for a client, but the idea behind occupational therapy is ultimately to make life easier for clients. Creativity is ultimately the most valuable asset to an occupation therapist. An occupational therapist job description entails being able to adapt to circumstances, create a plan for recovery or development, and guide the family members and client through difficult circumstances.